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My deepest longing is that all human beings have the inner and outer resources they need to be able to grow in love, wisdom, compassion, strength and courage through the joys and sorrows of life. My vision is that once well resourced, people naturally want to care for and respect other life forms – humans, animals, plants, oceans – all the wonder and beauty of our planet. 

So my intention is to contribute to the Life Resources that people need to grow in this way. On this website you will see what I offer from twenty years of focusing my work on sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC):

NVC-based events and workshops

• videos, training materials and workshops about the NVC Dance Floors

• 1 to 1 sessions (in person, and via Skype/phone)

• assisting people in conflict/disconnection to communicate with each other

my publications: books, DVDs, NVC training materials and articles

• an online shop to distribute Life Resources publications

To find out about other threads of my work I invite you to visit my other website: www.BodyBeing.org 

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