NVC-based events with Bridget Belgrave  

May 29 - Jun 1  Global Online NVC Festival 
Oct 10-11         Gent, Belgium  - Make Good Decisions on the Yes/No Dance Floor

Dec tbc             Moscow, Russia
Dec tbc             St Petersburg, Russia

Self-organised workshops
Dates to suit you          NVC and other workshops for your friends, family or group

Personal NVC coaching by phone, Skype/Zoom or in Oxford
Counselling, individuals, couples, crises, life direction, turning points

Past workshops 

Workshops in 2019

Feb 6-8                          Intention and Attention as keys to NVC, Netherlands (in English)

July 27-28                     Intention and Attention as Keys to NVC, Germany (private group)

Oct 3-5                           NVC and Buddhism, Seoul, South Korea

Oct 8-9                           Intention and Attention as Keys to NVC, Seoul, South Korea

Oct 12-16                       NVC Dance Floors for trainers and facilitators, Japan

Nov 30 - Dec 2               NVC Dance Floors, in English, near Oslo, Norway


Jan-Mar                         Communicate with Confidence & Compassion, Adult Dyslexia Centre, Berks

March 17-18                   RelationShift, Germany (private group)

May  25-27                     Intention and Attention as Keys to NVC, Oxford

June 23-24                     Intenzione e Attenzione come chiavi per la pratica CNV, Brescia, Italy 

Sept 1-4                  NVC Dance Floors, Oxford, UK (private group)

Sept 15-16                     NVC Dance Floors, Berlin, Germany (private group)

Dec 5-7                          NVC Dance Floors, Montpellier, France (in French, for certification candidates)


Feb 11-12                      RelationShift: come with your partner, Oxford

March 7-9                      Accompagner avec les pistes de danse CNV, Lyon, France

May 26-28                 IntentionAll: intention and attention as keys to NVC, Oxford 

June 29 - July 8             International Intensive Training (IIT), Liguria, Italy

Oct 6                          Everyday Peacemaking, Oxford

Nov 27                      Listening among the trees, Amersfoort, Netherlands


Feb 6-7                          RelationshiFt: come with your partner, Oxford

April 23-24                     Empathy and Connection on the NVC Dance Floors, Oslo, Norway

May 14 -15                    Tokyo, Japan

May 21                            Nagoya, Japan

May 28-29                       Kyoto, Japan

June 4-5                          Sapporo, Japan

June 11-12                      Pusan, South Korea

Nov 18                            NVC Dance Floors practice day, Zaltbommel, Netherlands


Sept 12-20                    3 two-day workshops in Spain:, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao

Oct 24-25                     Eine innere Reise auf dem GfK-Tanzparkett, Berlin, Germany

Nov 6                              Handling your Own Anger, central London

Nov 7                              Handling Other People's Anger, central London

Nov 21-22                    TrainerInnen Kongress Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, Koln, Germany

Nov 23-25                    Gewaltfreie Kommunikation - Train-the-Trainer, Koln, Germany

Dec 11                            NVC Basics, central London

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