Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

International Centre for Nonviolent Communication:

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NVC Academy:
And, since Covid many trainers now offer online workshops

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NVC in various contexts

‘Culture of Peace in School’
A film of an NVC project in a Danish kindergarten

NVC and other support for parents of children with eating disorders.
I think everyone can learn on this website, not just the target group.

NVC in a peace-making context

Post conflict in Nepal. A 1 hour documentary with ex-enemies meeting with an NVC facilitator team.

Our Bearing Witness retreat on Lampedusa
A personal website about the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean: 


Metta Centre for Nonviolence:

M.K. Ghandi Institute for Nonviolence:

Communauté de l’Arche (founded by Lanza del Vasto):

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