Handling Other People’s Anger

 A one-day workshop with Bridget Belgrave

Saturday Nov 7th, 10am-5pm

Central London: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, WC1R 4RL (Holborn tube)

Would you like to

·      Find it easy to connect with people, even when they are angry

·      Feel more confident around others' anger

·      Hear anger and yet bring the conversation to a satisfying outcome

·      Hear anger without getting angry back

·      Know how - and when - to respond empathically when someone is angry

·      Be in the presence of anger without withdrawing or crumbling

·      Understand which responses aggravate others’ anger, and which transform it

·      Set limits on what you are willing to hear

·      Discover that listening to someone’s anger can sometimes feel good!

Join us for this day
a supportive, safe, stimulating and compassionate environment.

This workshop is for a small group (max 6 participants).
The group size ensures everyone can benefit from personal coaching, and can participate fully both in the learning exercises and in discussions. 

NVC has an approach to responding to anger
that is learnable, practical and transformative. We will work from this approach, while considering some wider views about anger.

One of the tools we will use is the Self Empathy Dance Floor.
Read about the Dance Floors here: 
See a Youtube Dance Floor intro here: https://youtu.be/KbBw6dXXdDU

For an all-round learning about anger you could also attend 'Handling your own Anger' on Nov 6th.
There will be a small amount of repetition between the two days, but only of things that it is helpful to hear more than once!

At least one day of NVC Basics training, or NVC Foundation training, or equivalent.

Workshop Fees
£100 individuals
£150 Charities, public sector organisations
£200 Corporate sector

£15 discount if you attend both days (i.e. this day and Handle Your Own Anger on Nov 6th. )

To Book

Please emall Bridget for a booking form. 


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