NVC and Prayer - a special kind of communication

For people who pray and those who don’t, and people of any religion or none. 

An online course led by Bridget Belgrave


Four x 2.5 hour sessions on Fridays in April:

9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th 

at these times:

14:00-16:30 - London/Tunis 

15:00-17:30 - Paris

16:00-18:30 - Moscow 

18:30-21:00 - Delhi 

22:00-00:30 - Tokyo 

9:00-11:30 - New York 

6:00-8:30 - San Francisco 

This 4-session course will help you explore what prayer means to you, and develop your own practice of prayer - if you decide you want one.

Together we’ll explore these questions:

- Does NVC educate us to pray well? 

- Is simply practising NVC already a prayer? 

- What is most potent: prayer based on feelings, on needs, or on requests?  

- How does having met or unmet needs affect your praying for yourself and others? 

Bridget will share ideas and maps that she has developed over many years:

- new insights into prayer

- types of prayer

- body, emotions and mind in prayer

Share your experience:

- How has your way of praying (or not praying) changed over time? 

- What is different when praying alone versus praying in community?

Time to pray together, for those who want to try this:

- We’ll explore silence, improvised prayer, and using prayer texts that speak to us. 

- We’ll also attune to the current world situation in a group prayer.


- The course will be on Zoom

- There will be large and small group sessions, and inner exploration. 

- Spaces are limited to 35 participants.

Your NVC experience:

The course material will assume an understanding of the basics of NVC. 

Bridget Belgrave:

Bridget has 25 years experience of teaching NVC internationally. She is known for co-creating the NVC Dance Floors, which are now published in 15 languages. Before encountering NVC she was working for many years with the Alexander Technique, Energy healing, Psychosynthesis, Focusing and Effective Intelligence. These methods all involve growing in awareness, and offer practical applications of spiritual principles. Bridget has written a short novel for children and adults called ‘Zak’, drawing on her work and life experiences. During the last 10 years she has developed and led a workshop called Prayer-Making. This course has evolved out of that workshop.


The course fee is a sliding scale of €60 to €120.  

You choose your fee according to your financial situation and your free will.

Or you can choose €180 - our 'gift price’ which supports us to offer bursaries.

For this course we are offering 4 bursary places for €25 - please apply by email. 

To register:

CLICK HERE to fill out the registration form. We will then get back to you by email to request a prepayment to confirm your place.


Please email any questions to Gina Seilern at gseilern@gmail.com.


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