NVC and Prayer - a special kind of communication

An online course led by Bridget Belgrave
for people who pray and those who don’t
and people of any religion or none. 

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Come and explore what prayer means to you, 
reflect on the maps and ideas Bridget brings to the course, 
consider how your NVC practice can interweave with praying,
and how prayer can deepen your NVC practice,
and learn through sharing about spiritual and religious experiences (whether painful or uplifting).

A short video about the course can be viewed on YouTube here

Note: There is more input and structure in the course than is expressed in this video. Please read this page for details of course content.

Four weekly sessions, for 3 hours each week
Next course - Autumn 2022 - Dates TBC
To receive info about the dates, email Bridget.

Details of the course:

This 4-session course will help you explore what prayer means to you, and develop your own practice of prayer - or decide prayer is not for you.

Together we’ll focus on questions such as these:

- Is simply practising NVC already a prayer? 

- When I pray, who or what am I communicating with? And how do I name that?

- Is it wise to ask for specific things in prayer?

Bridget will share ideas and maps that she has developed over many years:

- insights into how prayer and NVC interlink

- how presence lifts us into interconnectedness 

- types of prayer

Share experiences with other participants:

- Who uses language to pray, or body, or song, or other ways?

- How has your way of praying (or not praying) changed over time? 

- Is something different when praying alone to when praying alongside others?

Pray together while respecting differences, for those who want to try this:

- We’ll try out a format of praying together that fully respects each person’s beliefs

- We’ll explore silence, improvised prayer, and using texts/songs/poems/prayers that speak to us. 

- We’ll also attune to the current world situation in group prayer.


- The course will be on Zoom

- There will be large and small group sessions, and inner exploration

- Support assistants will also participate in the course

- Parts of the sessions will be recorded so that participants can re-view during the following 3 months

Your NVC experience:

The course material will assume an understanding of the basics of NVC and some integration of NVC into your daily life. 

After the course:

After completing the course you’ll be invited to join free ongoing drop-in gatherings, where those from previous NVC & Prayer courses meet fortnightly to (a) explore more NVC & Prayer themes together, and (b) actually do ‘praying’ together in a very open, in-the-flow way. 

The course fee is a sliding scale of £60 to £120.  
You choose your fee according to your financial situation and your free will.
Or you can choose £180 - our 'gift price’ which supports us to offer bursaries.
For this course we are offering 3 bursary places for £25 - please apply by email

Cancelation policy:
If you cancel more than 2 weeks before the course begins I will return your fee less £25 retained for admin. If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the course begins, no refund (unless exceptional circumstances, or I easily find someone to take your place, in which case I’ll refund you but retain £25 for admin). 

Refund offer: 
If after participating in the first two sessions you find you are not comfortable to continue, I will give you a full refund minus a £25 admin fee. This is to acknowledge that this topic is very personally sensitive and the course is an unknown for you. It is important to me that everyone on the course 
is fully choosing to participate, and feels welcome and safe during the learning, exploration and sharing of the course. This refund offer is to increase the likelihood of this being the case. 

Any questions? 
Please email me, or use the contact form on this website.

To book:
Booking is not yet open 

Participants from the previous course wrote:

 "I long knew NVC was connected to spirituality; I long ignored what prayer was about. With Bridget’s course I’m beginning to understand how NVC and prayer form a whole; my life can go on with simple, renewed consistency." Sylvie A.

"I loved the open and exploratory nature of this course.  I came away realising how much of my life is actually already a form of prayer and the content and sharing offered me confidence to both trust and honour the way I pray with my 'doing’." Selby T.

"Before I participated I thought I would be the only one having a lot of questions, doubts and resistance and I hoped I would get some inspiration and answers. I actually got a lot of inspirations and ideas. And most important for me was that during the course I discovered that there were quite some other people with similar doubts and resistances... it was so sweet for me to feel this company!! And I loved to explore and look for answers with other seekers. I am so grateful to Bridget for creating this safe place where we could share and exchange about very intimate topics.” Elisa G.

"The things I love about the fluid group that has developed through this course - there is a sense of community, it is diverse yet safe, it feels exploratory and sometimes surprising and exciting! It feels totally OK to be where you are and who you are."  Lyn W.

"I loved the opportunity to deepen my prayer life in such a grounded, caring environment.” Ginny S.

"The NVC and Prayer course was a wonderful and amazing journey to travel to inner destinations. It supported me to nourish and nurture the divinity within, adding calmness and opening inner elixir. The course has evoked various dimensions of divinity within. In today's time of uncertainty we all have longing to connect to inner sanctuary, a place of restfulness. Connecting to this inner sanctuary was so healing and soothing for me. This course helped to experience a shift in giraffe consciousness so immediately, and it deepened my understanding of NVC as a technique as well as consciousness. At the moment I am bathing in the flowing stream of gratitude.” Chitra R.

About Bridget

Bridget is not a member of any religion, although she has benefitted from many, and regularly prays and meditates. She has 25 years experience of teaching NVC internationally. She is known for co-creating the NVC Dance Floors, which are now published in 16 languages. Before encountering NVC she worked for twenty years with the Alexander Technique, Energy healing, Learning Methods, Psychosynthesis, Focusing and Effective Intelligence. These methods all involve growing in awareness and choice, and offer practical applications of spiritual principles. She has written a short novel for children and adults called ‘Zak’ drawing on her work and life experiences. This course is based on Bridget's experience, learning and reflection, and has evolved out of previous courses she created and led around this topic during the last 20 years.

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