Everyday Peacemaking: a (rough) live show

Fri 6 Oct, Oxford, 7pm to 9.15pm

Would you like to be our audience? 

Please read this page before booking!

The show is being co-created by Tony Hawks - well-known radio/TV comedian and best-selling author (Round Ireland with a Fridge) and Bridget Belgrave (rather serious NVC practitioner.)

We’re envisioning a radio show based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and other wisdom, about communicating in ways that make life better rather than worse. 

We’re at the experimental phase, and we’re going to try out some ideas in a very rough live show.

Prior knowledge of NVC 

Most of our future audiences will not be familiar with NVC. So, if you know nothing about NVC - you are very welcome! If you know NVC well, we ask you to bring a friend who doesn't. That’ll help us get the right atmosphere. 


Dean Court, Botley, west edge of Oxford, 2 mins from ring road A420/A34 interchange, frequent buses from Oxford station. (You’ll receive full venue details after you book your tickets.)


We’ll be recording the show for our learning and to show prospective producers. Therefore, when you book tickets, you will be asked if you agree to be seen/heard in the recording. If not, sorry, but please don’t come! 


Numbers are limited. To attend you will need an e-ticket.

Tickets are free, as we’ll be messing around and learning as we go.

Please only book if you are SURE you’ll be there. We want an audience, not empty seats!

There’ll be a hat for small donations, in case you want to put something in it. 

It could be a fun evening. Certainly it will be unique! 

Hope to see you there!

To get your ticket(s) fill in this Google form: Sorry you missed it! 

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