Listening among the trees

Fully booked

Email Bridget to join the waiting list and indicate your interest for this retreat for another time. 

A one-day retreat with Bridget Belgrave

Het Koetshuis, Randenbroek Park, Amersfoort

Monday Nov 27

10:30 to 17:00


I recently came across this lovely venue in the woods of Randenbroek Park and was inspired by it to create this retreat, for a day very soon when I’ll be nearby.

Join me for a meditative and heartful day, to explore the art of deep listening.

Deep listening involves more than NVC skills and technique – it involves knowing how to cultivate ‘living silence’ through presence, inner movement, and awake-ness to the ever-changing moment as it unfolds through us and around us.

Trees, leaves, water, sky, these can teach us about ‘living silence’.

This kind of listening is a gift to another, supporting them to find their truth, their path, their way.

Everyone will have a chance to practice this kind of listening – and a chance to be heard in this way.

You can utilise all your NVC skills during deep listening, and become more conscious of this layer of being that converts these skills into compassionate connection. 

What we’ll do

    One session will be outdoors, whatever the weather, to learn from nature about ‘living silence’.

      I’ll share my understanding of how deep listening links the person to their own inner wisdom.

    I’ll demonstrate deep listening, and we’ll discuss the process afterwards to learn from what happened         (on all levels of NVC skills, presence, intuition, etc.)

    Everyone will practice deep listening with a partner. 

    Note: we will not be using Dance Floors!

Group size

To keep a cosy atmosphere, there will be a maximum of 12 participants.


Your experience with NVC (Nonviolent Communication)

As we are going a layer beyond the basic skills of NVC, it is important that all participants have at least 6 days of NVC training experience.



The retreat will be in English. Of course some words can be translated by members of the group, now and then, to assist your understanding.



Arrive after 10:00, be ready for a 10.30 start.

End by 17:00.



Teas and coffee will be provided in the breaks.

Everyone will bring their own picnic lunch.

There are no shops or cafes nearby.

We’ll eat lunch together, as part of the retreat atmosphere.



Het koetshuis Randenbroek ligt op een hele rustige plek midden in het park Randenbroek aan de Heiligenbergerweg 119 te Amersfoort. De ingang van het park is tegenover verzorgingscentrum Nijenstede.



Auto: Parkeerplaats Metgensbleek aan de Ringweg Randenbroek (met de satnav/tomtom huisnummer 123 indrukken, deze woning ligt naast de parkeerplaats.). Van daaruit is het via de witte brug, rechtdoor lopend, nog 150 m. tot het koetshuis.

Train: There is a bus from the train station that stops near a park entrance.



A contribution of 40 euros will reserve you a place, and help me cover costs.

Bring some cash euros with you, to give as much or as little more as you wish.



Email Bridget to join the waiting list and indicate your interest for this retreat for another time.



If you book, but then don’t come (for example you give something else priority) I will keep your 40 euros to help with costs. If something serious prevents you coming, we’ll connect about the money to find out what feels right.


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