'A Key to NVC - Tools for Facilitators'                   available in English, Dutch, French and German

‘A Key to NVC – Tools for Facilitators’ is a set of NVC teaching tools built around the visual representation of NVC known as ‘A Key to NVC’, created by Bridget Belgrave in 1998, and developed by Bridget and Gina Lawrie until it reached its present form in 2000. The model offers a way of seeing all the aspects of the NVC process gathered together on one page, in a few simple grouped shapes.

‘A Key to NVC’ uses both shape and colour, so each ingredient becomes recognisable in both ways. For example, when people are familiar with this model, a circle drawn on a flip chart immediately reads as a need. Something written with a blue pen, also links into the ‘needs’ zone.

This model is ideally suited to PowerPoint, as it is designed to build up, layer by layer. It can also be built up by drawing each layer on a flip chart, or by placing cardboard shapes on a magnetic board one by one.

You can see the model in action on two DVDs where Bridget gives an introduction to NVC based around ‘A Key to NVC’. The DVD ‘An Impromptu introduction to NVC’ uses the cut-out 3D version, and the DVD ‘Beyond Right and Wrong – an introduction to NVC’ uses the PowerPoint.

The one-page diagram of ‘A Key to NVC’ is intended as a handout to give participants after showing the build up model, as a reminder to take home.

The PowerPoint slides offer four sequences for building the model, so the presenter can choose which way to introduce NVC each time they use it. The only words on the slides are the words you see on the one-page diagram. This leaves the presenter free to use their own style and way of speaking about each element of NVC, as they go through the different elements of the model.

There is a data CD called ‘A Key to NVC – Tools for Facilitators’ which makes this set of tools available for facilitators. On the CD are:

·           PowerPoint slides of ‘A Key to NVC’ (in English, Dutch, French and German)

·           A guide to using the PowerPoint slides (in English)

·           Notes on using 3-D versions of ‘A Key to NVC’ (in English)

·           Templates for making the four ‘keyhole’ shapes for a 3D version (no words on these)

·           A pdf file of the handout for ‘A Key to NVC’  (in English, Dutch, French and German)

·           A pdf file of the ‘needs circle cards’ (blue circles with one ‘need’ word each, (in English and French)

The CD is the result of collaboration between Bridget Belgrave, Liz Gay (who created the original PowerPoint slides, and a ‘quick and easy guide’ to using them), and the translators for each language. 

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